Growing organizations need a trusted and valued legal counselor that understands their business inside out and is available to consult with on a regular or on-demand basis. Many small to medium sized businesses cannot afford to hire a full time, executive-level general counsel, nor can they afford to pay hourly rates to get a new lawyer up to speed on their business each time they need help.

Attorney Alex Simser is experienced in providing general counsel advice to a variety of organizations, small and large. As a business owner with a Master’s in Business and prior in-house counsel experience herself, Alex has an extensive business background and understands your needs and bottom line. She offers her virtual general counsel (VGC) services on a flat monthly fee basis, with rate structures customized to your organization’s needs. Her VGC offering gives you access to a dedicated number of VGC hours per month during which Alex will work on any matters you delegate to her within her areas of knowledge. For any matters not within this scope, Alex will find the right specialists to collaborate with to provide the most accurate, cost effective and efficient legal counsel possible.

Like a full-time in-house counsel, Alex can have an email address on your email system, attend key business negotiations and meetings, and otherwise become a part of your management team. With her prior in-house experience and substantial industry knowledge, she will get up to speed quickly on your business and develop an intimate knowledge of your internal processes and short and long term goals.