You’ve successfully operated your business as lean as you possibly can, wearing every hat along the way, and now you’re fortunate enough to be able to hire some help. Congratulations! Hiring employees is both a privilege and a responsibility, and requires careful planning and consideration. From the start, employers must understand that just because they’re providing a paycheck doesn’t mean they can treat employees unfairly. This sounds simple enough but can be a challenge if the business doesn’t fully understand the law. Violations can happen intentionally or unintentionally, and you can be sure employees won’t care either way if they feel they have been mistreated.

Attorney Alex Simser provides effective and efficient legal assistance in a wide variety of employment law matters, including employment policy and handbook drafting and review, training to management regarding employment policies and procedures, employment contracts for key employees, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, investigation and resolution of employment disputes, advice concerning terminations and disciplinary matters, employee wage and hour classifications, hiring of independent contractors, interns, and foreign workers, and much more. She takes pride in her balanced approach to labor and employment matters, and, while the bulk of her experience is on the employer side, she now leverages that experience to represent individuals who have been subjected to unlawful employment practices.