International business expansion is no longer reserved for the industry giants in today’s world. As technologies advance, barriers to doing business globally are slowly fading away. At the same time, legal barriers do still exist, and international operations bring a new level of complexity to your business that can be difficult to manage. As you grow, it’s important to have one focal point that understands your business’s overall global legal structuring and can help you maintain and manage all associated documents and third-party legal relationships.

Attorney Alex Simser is well-versed in the types of issues companies operating globally face and has helped set up operations in numerous jurisdictions across the globe. While working as in-house counsel, she served as a key member of the enterprise’s cross-functional global operations team and is experienced working hand-in-hand internally with finance, HR and business professionals, and externally with a network of in-country legal specialists to ensure smooth operations and compliance with local laws. She assists with advice regarding entity structuring, registrations and filings, employment matters, tax implications, legalizing documents for use abroad, and the like. She also provides advice to non-US companies looking to establish operations in the US.