Navigating the minefield of regulations that govern the sale of communications and information services can be a daunting and highly complex task – in some cases, even more complex than the networks and infrastructure used to deliver the services. Regulations are in place at the local, state, and federal levels and cover everything from taxes and fees, privacy rights, lawful intercept requirements, accessibility requirements, spectrum licensing, and more. While the technologies businesses use to deliver communications and information services are advancing at a rapid rate, the laws that regulate them are often far behind, requiring substantial interpretation.

Attorney Alex Simser is well-versed in many of the legal issues unique to businesses in the satellite, cloud computing, voice & data communications, and technology industries. She is skilled at applying antiquated laws to new technologies in a way that is both practical for the business and satisfactory to regulators. She has advised businesses on a variety of FCC and state regulatory issues, including contributions to various universal service, telecommunications relay service, 911 and other regulatory funds; Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) protection and associated policies and procedures; number portability; spectrum licensing; and various rulemaking proceedings before the FCC. She is also experienced in negotiating complex interconnection and networking agreements.