Contracts govern our daily lives as individuals in so many ways that we don’t even think about. Each time you buy something from the store, you are entering into a contract with the store – they agree to sell you a product at a certain price and you agree to buy it at that price. The parties’ statements and actions have formed a contract. Likewise, businesses can form contracts through their actions and statements, sometimes completely unknowingly. Having a written contract that clearly outlines each of the parties’ roles in any business relationship can prevent and easily resolve disputes. Even when the parties have the foresight to enter into a written contract, however, business executives often overlook the details of their contract in their excitement to close a deal. The deal gets signed, hands get shaken, and everyone is happy…until they’re not.

Attorney Alex Simser can help you ensure the deal you signed is the deal you wanted. She has a wealth of experience drafting, reviewing and interpreting a wide variety of contracts, both complex and routine, including non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, vendor agreements, distributor agreements, manufacturing agreements, customer service agreements, employment agreements, lease agreements, financing agreements, asset and share purchase agreements, development agreements, technology transfer agreements, licensing agreements, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, marketing agreements, and much more. Alex is also experienced in creating templates for standard company contracts, and advising on contract administration and recordkeeping. She prides herself on her attention to detail and her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that the papers say what the business executives think they say, and understand and achieve the business’s true goals in each transaction. She applies a holistic approach and doesn’t separate the “business” terms from the “legal” terms, like so many lawyers do.

In addition to her transactional practice, Alex can resolve contractual disputes for your business when things don’t go as planned or when a situation arises that neither of the parties anticipated from the beginning. She has successfully resolved a number of contractual disputes for her clients without resorting to costly litigation, and is prepared to represent you in litigation in the event the other side won’t compromise.