1. Beware the “Important” Official-Looking Mail

    Happy New Year, friends! Now that it’s January and the window opens for filing of corporate and LLC annual reports with the Florida Secretary of State, I wanted to touch on an issue that business owners should look out for – the official-looking mail marked “Important”, “Urgent” or the l…Read More

  2. What’s In A Name?: Why Proper Brand Name Clearing is Essential

    As a trademark attorney, I have found there is often a misconception among small business owners and start-ups that trademarks are reserved for major corporations that spend thousands of dollars or more on intellectual property protection every year. They often see trademarks as luxuries that they w…Read More

  3. Me too: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Me too. One of the more shocking instances happened when I was 15 years old working one of my first jobs as a hostess at a restaurant in Cocoa Beach. The kitchen manager cornered me in the back closet where I’d gone to grab more silverware. He told me to close my eyes so he could brush something o…Read More